Now high above the city sprawl in his atomic sleigh,
Meenie's working hard because tomorrow's Christmas day.
When suddenly upon his screen, Jack's message shining bright.
Meenie does a double take and says, "This can't be right!
He doesn't want a present; he doesn't want a gift.
All he wants for Christmas is the one thing I can't give."
He calls to his snowmen, he tells them to be quick,
"I've found one who's not greedy and I'm feeling rather sick.
You'd better pay a visit to this little boy called Jack,
And get his sister Holly and bring them both back."

The snowmen checked the database to find out Jack's address,
And transferred all the details to their handheld G.P.S.
Then alighting from the sleigh and falling with the snow,
They headed for the firma, a mile down below.
Where gently like two snowflakes, they landed on the ground
And went to find the children with the poor and sickly hound.
Slithering and sliding, each like the other's twin,
They found the house, picked the lock and quickly entered in.
Silently they searched around, opening every door
Until they found them fast asleep up on the second floor.

Snowman One tiptoed in and tried to grab Jack's arm.
But Jack woke up and slipped away, escaping any harm.
The snowman lunged a second time, he thought he was immortal,
Till Jack removed the stopper from his hot-a-water bottle.
The water flew out; fast, steaming and hot.
It flew through the air and the snowman was caught.
The snowman was caught and he let out a cry,
As the boiling hot water melted his eye.
It melted his nose, it melted his chin,
It melted his belly and made him quite thin.
He kept on a-melting till he was no more,
And all that remained was some slush on the floor.

Then Holly woke up, her heart filled with dread,
As the second snowman lifted her from her bed.
Then he turned to Jack as he held Holly tight.
But Jack aimed his bottle, ready to fight.
"I've already got one," Jack casually boasted.
But the snowman said, "FREEZE or the girl gets frosted."
So Jack dropped his bottle. What else could he do
As he watched Holly shiver and start to turn blue?